Magniflex mattresses

The choice of a quality mattress is one of the best investments that we can make during our life. We at MAGNIFLEX are sure that no model of mattress is better than other from our range, because the choice is based on the personal sleeping habits, the body’s characteristics and the wishes of the individual.

It is important to have some golden rules in mind:

  • the mattress should be at least 20 cm longer than our height;
  • if you’re sleeping in a single bed, the mattress should be at least 90 cm wide in order to move freely during the night;
  • if you share a double bed, the width must not be under 160 cm;

Classic Line

The main range – MAGNIFLEX Classic has mattresses that are characterized with great anatomic and orthopedic properties and have the highest certifications for quality.

This range has the SECRET of MAGNIFLEX – the patented Memoform Magnifoam memory foam, which instantly adjusts according to your body heat and pressure.

The mattresses from this range have a 10 year guarantee.

Pleasure Line

The new mattress range that MAGNIFLEX represented themselves with on the international furniture fair in Milano is another proof that the perfect mattress is non-existent, because it is different for each individual.

To choose the right mattress you need to find out what your habits are, your body structure and every other factor that affects the dream.

That is why the new models are made with the latest and most advanced technology for mattress production and the best materials used, all of this with the purpose to satisfy every need and answer the different requirements.

The mattresses from this range have a 12 year guarantee.

Luxury Line

The super exclusive MAGNIFLEX Luxury range is created for the creative individuals that are not afraid to dream big and most importantly aren’t afraid to make their dreams come true.

The mattresses that are composed by the innovative, revolutionary and most advanced Healthy Dream technology, are made with the highest quality materials of production.

The Luxury range is one of the most known range of mattresses in the world, for their unique quality.

The mattresses from this range have a 12 to 15 year guarantee.


Vir.tu.o.sot (noun)

A highly skilled artist, who has perfected the technique in their field of art

Baby Line

Give your dearest a safe and healthy place to rest and let them grow carelessly, and let them find out the happiness of life day by day.

The Mаgniflex mattresses are here to support their sweet dreams, when they first stand on the bed with their feet and when they learn how fun it is to jump on it.

Welcome to the magical world of dreams...

The mattresses from this range have a 6 year guarantee.

Magniflex pillows

The change of temperature, long hours spent in front of the computer and not enough physical activity, cause neck and back pain.

If we add the incorrect position of the head and neck during the night (caused by incorrect pillows), it is logical that we would wake up with stiff neck and shoulders.

That is why you should choose a pillow that matches your needs and wake up with a smile on your face.

The perception of comfort is individual, but there are some rules that apply for every quality pillow:

  • proper support of the head and neck as a guarantee for being well rested and comfortable during the night;
  • instant feeling of relaxation of the muscles;
  • gets back to its initial form shortly after we wake up and get up from bed;



Memoform Magnifoam patented foam adjusts according to the weight of your neck and head, offering perfect support and muscle relaxation. The cover is made from Coolmax fabric which reduces sweating and avoids unwanted effects like stiff neck.

Recommended for people that prefer softer and lower pillows.



Memoform Magnifoam patented foam adjusts according to the weight of your neck and head, offering perfect support and muscle relaxation. The cover is made from Outlast fabric which reacts at 36.6 degrees and instantly dissipates the excess temperature of the face and neck.

Recommended or people that prefer softer pillows and people that have sweating problems.



The Magnigel foam in these pillows is an innovative technology which has the power to dissipate heat from the head and face, throughout the entire pillow, keeping the place where you lay down dry and fresh. The cover is made from a viscose fabric which reduces sweating and helps the dissipation process of the Magnigel foam.

Recommended for people that prefer firmer and higher pillows



Filled with a combination of duck down which give firmness and make the pillow gentle with small cotton balls which make the pillows incredibly light.
Cover made from 100% white cotton.
Wonderful to touch, with moisture absorbing power. The down has thermal regulating properties and create optimal temperature between the face, neck and pillow.

Recommended for people that prefer lower pillows whose shape can be easily changed by preference.




Made from mallow foam which has calming and relaxing effect on your senses.
Cover made from satin and viscose. Wonderful to touch, with side zipper for easy removal and washing.
Lined with two covers, decorated with stitching from the royal lily of Florence.

Recommended for people that appreciate peace, but also luxury in the bedroom.

Magniflex accessories

Technology that gives you 24 hour orthopedic and anatomic support even when you are not laying on your favorite mattress, even when you sit, work, drive and travel...



Ideal support of the world renowned discipline which gives you strength and harmony in your body and soul...

Mission shared by our Magni ex


Range for pets

We at MAGNIFLEX teach you that sleeping and good dreams, relaxation and enjoyment make up for half of your health.

But, besides a quality mattress, there is something else that can give you peace of mind and make you incredibly happy.

Did you know that the best therapist has four legs and fur? :)

Yes, that\'s right! We are talking about your pet, your faithful friend which greets you every morning with its eyes and wagging tail.

That\'s why we created the new, unique range for your pets.

Place where your dog can curl up and rest after the active day, because they too deserve MAGNIFLEX


Aroma Therapy

Perfect spice for your sweet dream as a perfect way to challenge your smell senses, and give your dreams a more beautiful dimension

Арома Терапија

Бази за душеци