Feels like a true relaxing massage

Why choose it?

  • The cover is filled with the patented Memoform Magnifoam memory foam which adjust according to the body's pressure and temperature
  • Eliosoft core gives correct support of the body in different zones and has protruding pyramid shape of the foam that massages the body
  • Elioform core gives correct support of the spinal column and gently keeps the body in a natural position
  • Cover made from viscose fabric, wonderful to touch, easily removable and washable

How it's made?

Height: 22cm
  1. Cover made from viscose fabric, wonderful to touch
  2. Memoform Magnifoam padding with patented 2cm memory foam
  3. Extra soft padding for additional comfort
  4. Eliosoft layer, cut with 5 zones of support, each with 5cm height
  5. 15 cm Elioform hard orthopedic core

Recommended for anyone that works in an office and lacks physical activity

Level of comfort
Dimensions 90 x 200 120 x 200 140 x 200 160 x 200 180 x 200 200 x 200 200 x 220
Price 37.200 49.500 55.100 61.900 69.500 76.500 80.000

* Prices are expressed in Macedonian denars with included VAT.

Memorabile - This mattress is part of the medium firm mattresses and as a secret ingredient has the Magnifoam foam, the true secret of MAGNIFLEX, which guarantees anatomic support for full relaxation of the muscles and proper circulation.

The orthopedic part of the mattress made from Eliosoft and Elioform core is profiled, which gives even support of the body in five different zones.

The main characteristic of this mattress is the layer with pyramid shaped protruded parts which has the role of a massager. It makes pressure on certain points and follows your movement during the night giving you relaxing feeling.