The heart of the mattresses

We at MAGNIFLEX, focus on production of mattresses, pillows and sleeping accessories with highest quality. We research, innovate and use the most advanced materials and latest technologies in order to create cores from patented foam for all mattresses. From high orthopedic HR foam to the sensational memory foam, our foams are durable, offer support and irreplaceable comfort.

Memoform Magnifoam

the best, patented memory foam

Memoform Magnifoam is the softest of materials that are used to create our mattresses and offers incomparable comfort during the night. Thanks to the instant reaction of this material to heat and pressure, Memoform Magnifoam perfectly follows the silhouette, giving excellent support of the entire body (especially the back). It goes back to its initial shape in a short period and adjusts according to the movements we make during the night, without waking you up.

That way it supports the back without additional pressure on the spine and stopping blood circulation.

What is memory foam?
Incredible material that adapts to the shape of your body.

Our bodies are an incredible combination of concave and convex regions with strong, but delicate spots like the neck, shoulders and back. The memory foam is designed for perfect adjusment to each part of the body, reacting to the weight of our body and its natural heat. It adapts to our shape and movements during the night giving you the feeling of lightness, comfort and relaxation.

Comfort without pressure

The open cell structure of the memory foam and its high density, make it possible for the foam to completely adapt to your body without pressure on your spine or negative side effects of the lymph system and the blood flow. That is why the memory foam is ideal for longer laying in bed.

What is the difference between memory foam and other elastic materials?

The first and most important difference is that the normal polyurethane foams need more time to get their initial shape back after being lied on. This happens because they are highly sensitive to heat and pressure, but they lack in elasticity and this may cause creation of holes and dents in the mattress. The MAGNIFLEX memory foam reacts primarily on the body pressure, rather than the heat, and that is why it adapts the body with highest precision and goes back to its initial form quickly.

Benefits from adjusted support

A mattress that is too firm doesn't allow the body get a natural shape and doesn't follow the silhouette, therefore it can easily create excess back, spine, shoulder and hip pressure.

The MAGNIFLEX memory foam adapts to the body with 85% precision and fills the empty spaces between the neck and head, as well as between the entire length of the spine.

Soon you will forget about the hot and sweaty nights...

Our research has confirmed that a mattress that is too soft can generate excess heat. The MAGNIFLEX memory foam is made with a unique formula of open cells capable of good air flow, and has thermal regulation, absorbing the excess heat and dissipating it only if necessary, therefore creating ideal micro climate during the night.

Airform technology
It distributes the body weight and allows air flow

Each part of the body creates different pressure on the mattress, especially parts like the head, chest and legs. Without a flexible support, the spine can not get a correct and natural position, increasing the risk of disfigurement.

The special airform structure improves the air flow and, at the same time, makes the MAGNIFLEX memory foam the only one of its kind on the market. It creates an important zone support, giving support to each body part according to its different need.

3 zone structure enables the most important support for the head, body and legs.


The innovative and patented MAGNIGEL foam

Makes you feel like floating on a cloud, while giving the body an incredible level of comfort. The only structure that dissipates heat and cools down quickly, creating a constant micro climate between the body and the mattress, which gives you the constant feeling of freshness.

The new MAGNIGEL foam

Third generation of freshness and comfort

The MAGNIGEL foam is a revolutionary material with unique properties.

Incredibly soft, comfortable, with an exceptional ability of great air flow deep inside the mattress.

How is it different from other materials?

The MAGNIGEL foam is extremely cool and fresh material, with scientifically proved capacity to dissipate heat. It has a high dissipation ability which makes it soft and incredibly comfortable. The contents of the gel foam makes air flow easier in the structures of the mattresses and pillows which gives additional freshness and keeps a perfect temperature level during the night.

Which advantages do the MAGNIGEL foam mattresses and pillows have?

Incomparable feeling of cleanliness and dryness of the skin, makes you enjoy the stable temperature during the night. MAGNIGEL is eco-friendly, deformity-proof and long lasting.

Helps you relax, giving you the ideal support for your body.


Our traditional orthopedic foam gives firm support without excessive hardness and pressure in the upper body area. MAGNIFOAM can be found in two versions: firmer and more compressed ELIOFORM foam and the softer and more elastic ELIOSOFT foam.


The ELIOFORM foam is made from two types of foam material, one of which gives firmness, and the other stability.

The structure is made from micro aerated cells which let the mattress "breathe", making it a healthy and hygienic sleeping environment.


The ELIOSOFT foam is a material made from micro cells intertwined with high density capillaries, which give the material firmness, stability, while keeping it gentle. This structure makes this material softer compared to ELIOFORM foam, keeping the same properties as ELIOFORM.


The core made from hydro foam combined with mallow extracts creates soft and comfortable support. Mallow has anti-inflammatory abilities, calming and beneficial effects, which makes this material the source of well-being of the nervous system.


Aquabreeze е пена на најновата генерација со голема моќ на пропустливост на воздухот која го продолжува векот на траење на душекот и го прави душекот многу поудобен.


Material created with evolution and advancement of the classic latex, which combined with water-based foam gives great air flow and is long lasting. The Geolatex has incredible ergonomic properties.


The latex is a material made from the bark of tropical plants which is then processed with air, creating a very elastic material. The structure is consisted of millions of open cells, connected with micro channels. It has great ergonomic and elastic properties.


This is an innovative, high density, elastic foam with extreme firmness. This characteristic makes sure that the foam has greater capacity to adjust to the body\'s contour, following the silhouette of each individual perfectly. Memoform HD gives incredible comfort and even better back support. Its firmness and longevity makes this material ideal for the most sophisticated and technologically advanced products.


MAGNIFLEX Magnifoam breeze is a polyurethane foam with the ability of great air flow, exceptionally firm and wear-proof. it\'s available as Eliosoft version, giving soft and gentle support, and Elioform version for a firmer support. The material is enriched with eucalyptus extract for a better feeling and cooler body temperature.


Ecogreen is a techno-natural flexible and orthopedic material which helps achieve a better position of the shoulders, back and extremities. Its water-based cell structure and essential oils stimulate the air flow and keeps the mattresses cool and dry.


Geomemory is an anatomical material enriched with aloe vera and soy extracts which adjusts naturally to the body\'s contours and enables independent support of the head, shoulders, chest, hands, hips and legs.


The feeling of softness which is created by the super soft fibers, give excellent air flow, giving a comfortable support of the entire body. This material has a special structure which gives you the feeling of well-being and great comfort during your sleep.


Memosoft is a comfortable, anatomic material which "hugs" your body, giving you the feeling of extreme softness and incredible comfort. Its qualities are improved when combined with foams made from Memoform,. Elioform or Eliosoft, for a more gentle support.

Camel wool

Camel wool is ideal as a filling for winter mattresses because it has a structure which contains heat. Its hydroscopic abilities absorption of the moisture created by the body and help it evaporate, keeping the micro climate dry and pleasant.


The cashmere is a very soft hair, which repels dirt - especially dust. Its incredible capacity to keep air creates a great thermal insulation which keeps the constant heat during the winter months.

Merino wool

The merino wool is made from the best types of sheep and is considered one of the highest quality animal hairs. Extremely fine and soft to touch, it has thermal regulating abilities and great air flow which lets the skin breathe easily.

Horse hair

Horse hair has been used in the past as a filling for beds and mattresses because of its incredible elasticity. Horse hair never lose their flexibility and quickly get their initial form, making sure you get the same level of comfort as time passes. Thanks to its hydroscopic abilities, the hair absorbs moisture keeping the body cool and dry.


Linen is the best filling for the summer side of the mattress because it creates a feeling of freshness in contact with the skin. Besides that, thanks to its molecular structure, linen absorbs the body\'s moisture during the night, letting it evaporate later.


Cotton is a soft material, whose fibers are durable and wear-proof. One of its best characteristic is the great air flow, making it fresh during skin contact. Its structure absorbs most of the moisture, keeping the skin dry.


Silk is the finest and strongest natural fibre, with great mechanical strength and elasticity, while being soft and pleasant to touch. One of the most wanted materials in the world, silk is a great insulator which keeps the warmth during winter and coolness during summer.

Duck down

Because of their chemical and physical properties, duck down can regulate the body\'s micro climate. They keep large amounts of air and keep the body temperature according to the environment\'s conditions, letting the skin free to breathe.

Duck down filling

It respects the body micro climate, keeps a constant temperature and lets the skin breathe. Because of its structure, which is smaller and softer of down, the filling has great volume and lightness, creating an incredibly pleasant feeling.

Bull\'s hair

Lightness, volume and elasticity are the most important characteristic of bull\'s hair. The way the hair is distributed in the pillows and mattresses give incredibly firm, hypoallergenic product. Its special abilities give an incredibly soft feeling, like laying on feathers.

General characteristics of our products

Proper support for different needs

We offer different options which fit the needs of everyone.

No deformations

The high quality of the raw materials that are used, results with products that are long lasting and never deform.

High air flow

The used materials and technologies are designed to allow great air flow in the mattress and keep the hygiene long term.

OEKO TEX guarantee

ОEKO TEX guarantees the product\'s quality and proves that our materials and the production process itself are non-toxic and not harmful for the environment and human health.

The importance of the cover

MAGNIFLEX is constantly working to perfect the technologies which improve your dream's quality. The cover of every mattress is the first thing our body and skin comes into contact with.

This is why MAGNIFLEX has created materials that are a perfect combination of nature and technology, offering materials that have great air flow, give the feeling of freshness, and are incredibly soft and gentle at the same time. The synthetic materials are waterproof, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.

On the other hand, the natural materials are the true source of great health. They create a hygienic environment and do not irritate the skin.

All of these qualities are approved and certified by the most important organizations in the world.

Outlast fabric

The Outlast fabric was created for astronaut\'s suits. Its structure is made from millions of tiny spheres, made from special wax which melts at 36 degrees. The melting process begins as a result of body temperature rising, making sure it absorbs the excess heat. When the body temperature is stabilized and under the melting point, the spheres release the accumulated energy in heat form.

Coolmax fabric

Coolmax is a high performance fabric, made with the latest technologies - leader when it comes to sweat control at night. Thanks to its properties, this fabric makes sure it perfectly controls the body temperature and skin moisture during the night. Coolmax fabric dries faster than any other fabric and stays fresh and cool.

Viscose fabric

Viscose is a fabric made from tree cellulose and it can imitate several types of natural fabrics depending on the production process. It is moth resistant, doesn't cause sweating and lets the air flow. Gentle, durable and easily washable (low temperature or cold wash).

3D fabric

3D fabric has a micro-net structure with incomparable capacity to eliminate moisture during the night. This fabric dries four times faster than cotton, and is soft and gentle at the same time. The specific structure makes this material durable, neutralizes unpleasant smells and keeps it fresh. Perfect for anyone that sweats excessively at night.

Satin viscose

The satin viscose cover combines the properties of viscose, which is soft and silky, with the qualities of satin - an elegant material with shiny exterior. Together, they have a great capacity to remove moisture and improve air flow throughout the mattress.

Medicare fabric

Specially treated fabric which gives 100% hygienic surface, dust and bacteria-proof.

Wood fabric

Wood fabric is completely made from tree cellulose and is eco-friendly. It is very soft to touch and has a great power to absorb moisture, leaving the cover dry and pleasant. This fabric acts as a thermal regulator and has "breathing" abilities.

Bamboo fabric

Bamboo has pectin in its structure, which is beneficial for human\'s skin because it protects it from irritations and makes it fresh. Bamboo fabric has great ventilation and absorbs moisture. Just like the plant, bamboo fabric is durable and keeps its initial form, even after many washes.

Silver fibers

Pure silver is a material with numerous beneficial properties and its use in material production guarantees anti-bacterial and thermal regulating abilities, as well as great air flow.

Organic cotton

The mattress cover made from organic cotton, which is a fresh material with naturally pleasant feeling, guarantees maximum air flow. The 100% organic materials have "GOTS" certificate from the accredited ethically and environmentally certified body, which guarantees that these materials are produced in a way unharmful to humans and the environment.

100% cotton

Cotton is a natural material known for its hydroscopic and anti-static properties, as well as great air flow. The material has a high level of absorption. It is soft and comfortable, letting the skin breathe and giving you a good night's sleep.

Characteristics of the materials made from natural fibers

Useful and hygienic.

Breathable which makes for a great air flow.



Oeko Tex guarantee.

Technology of a healthy dream

Complete and correct anatomic, orthopedic and ergonomic support for well-being of the entire body

Why MAGNIFLEX mattresses are the best choice for back pain?

Your bed and mattress are not just a place where you should spend the night, but also a place where your body should rest, regenerate and get ready for new challenges.

The myth about whether or not a mattress should be firm or soft has been disproved long ago.

Research show that the ideal mattress must follow the natural body line which is different for every individual.

Our body should have complete support from the surface it lies on, for even distribution of weight and tension.

This enables for:
a) straight and natural position of the spine, with relaxed joints (orthopedic).
б) complete relaxation of the muscles and correct blood flow (anatomic).
в) optimal psychological and emotional comfort (psycho-physiology/ergonomics)

These characteristics are combined in the most advanced technology for production of all MAGNIFLEX mattresses..

... because health is priceless!

The eternal dilemma: FIRM or SOFT mattress

When choosing the best mattress for back pain, most people think more firmness is better support, and link softness with comfort. After all, the best method for rate a mattress is to examine the way it supports the spine. Maximum comfort and health can only be achieved if your muscles can completely relax while your spine is supported sufficiently.


Studies show that if a mattress is too firm, it makes your body adapt and twist according to the hard surface. With MAGNIFLEX mattresses it\'s the exact opposite - they adjust to your body characteristics.


When the mattress is too soft, without sufficient orthopedic support, your body sinks into an uncomfortable position, causing spine disfigurement with inevitable pain

MAGNIFLEX mattresses

They adjust to your body\'s contour, giving support throughout the spine, in a way that you can rest in the most natural and healthy position possible.

We can't eliminate every neck pain, but we know the physiological reasons for neck pain, as well as the steps that you can take in order to reduce the pain. Neck pain is a regular problem in adults and it can be caused by many factors. This type of back pain is called cervical pain - the neck being the cervical spine.

don\'t let the neck pain stop you from enjoying activities that you like or activities that help you in everyday life. Find out what causes your neck pain and take the correct measures.

What causes neck pain?


Neck pain can be caused by tense muscles, as well as excessive use or discus hernia. Even though violent neck injuries are the usual cause for neck pain, even some habits such as bad body positioning or teeth grinding can cause fatigue.


Rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative discus illness, as many other conditions, can cause neck pain. More serious illnesses such as cancer or meningitis can also be connected to neck pain, but it is more probable your neck pain is caused by other reasons.


If you wake up with neck pain, you should consider replacing your old and overused pillows. Your pillow must fill the space between your neck and shoulders and support the head in a way that makes your spine rest in a naturally relaxed position. Obviously, the next step that you should take into consideration is the mattress you sleep on and whether it supports your body correctly. Very often people are confused that the firmness of the mattress means good body support. A bed that is too firm under the shoulders can unnecessarily create pressure and extend the neck. Similar to this, if you lean over your cell phone all day, if you are tall, or even if you are driving leaned to one side, you should seriously make a habit change.


Our joints accumulate and wear with aging. It is possible that your pain has been caused by natural wear of the joints and the flexibility of your neck.

Upper back pain can stop you from doing your favorite activities. Do not let this pain negatively affect your life. Identifying the main reasons for this pain is very important for living a high quality life.

Below you can find a list of common causes for upper back pain, as well as ways of reducing it.

What causes upper back pain?

Joints and discus problems

Upper back pain can be caused from injuries or damages, such as discus hernia, discus fractures or degenerative discus illnesses. Besides that, the joints that connect the ribs and spine can be irritated or injured. A doctor can help you find out whether your problems with discus and joints cause your upper back pain.

Muscle irritation

There are large muscle groups in the upper back, which connect your shoulder blades chest and other body parts. These muscles are very often the source of pain for many people, but they can also be easily hurt or fatigued from activities. Even if you do not exercise intensively which can affect the upper back, you can have huge tension in your shoulders, which can cause upper back pain. Often, bad body positioning can irritate your upper back muscles, such as leaning over your office desk, sleeping in an uncomfortable bed or using pillows that are too firm or too soft.

The thoracic region of the back (upper and middle part), can have pain due to many reasons. Usually, middle back pain is not cause as a result of more serious spinal issues. This pain can be caused because of large amount of daily activities, but more serious conditions and illnesses, as well.

Find out some of the unusual causes, factors of risk and treatment for middle back pain.

What causes middle back pain?


Even if we try to avoid them, injuries are known as one of the most common reasons for middle back pain. Injuries can include discus hernia, tension or more serious fractures. The thoracic spine is exceptionally strong and durable, because it is built to enable upper body support and protection of the internal organs. If you feel pain in the middle back, it is most likely caused by a physical or external trauma of this part of the spine.

Conditions and illnesses

Middle back pain can also be caused by different conditions and illnesses. Osteoarthritis or degenerative discus illnesses are known as a source of unpleasantness in this part of the back. Additionally, middle bac pain can be symptoms of gall bladder issues, even heart attack (this types of symptoms usually occur in women). If you feel sudden and sharp back pain which lasts more than a few minutes and is repetitive, you should seek medical help immediately.

Bad body positioning

Do you spend your days leaned over your computer and in a tense position while working? Do you sleep in uncomfortable positions and often turn over in order to feel comfortable? Bad body positioning during the day or night can cause middle back pain, which is hard to overcome if you do not make a habit change.

The lumbar part of the spine, or the lower back, is an incredibly good natural engineering of a structure that connects bones, joints, nerves, ligaments and muscles, which work togehter in order to give support, strength and flexibility. Still, this complex structure can make the lower back be exposed to injuries and pain.

Lumbar spine, what can happen?

The lower back supports the weight of the upper body and enables mobility for everyday movements, such as twisting and leaning. The muscles in the lower back are responsible for rotation and flexibility of the hips during walking and moving, as well as support the spinal column. The lower back nerves give the hip muscles, leg and feet the needed sensations, strength and stimuli.

Most of the acute lower back pain is a result of muscle, ligament and joint injury. The body, also, reacts to the injury with inflammations, as a response for the need to heal. Even though inflammations might not sound meaningful, the pain can be extreme.

There is an overlap in the nerve supply towards a large number of discus, muscles, ligaments and other spinal structures, and the brain can have a hard time making a precise decision for the cause of pain. For example, a degenerated or torn lumbar discus can cause the same pain as a sprained muscle - in both cases you can feel an inflammation and painful muscle spasms in the same area. Muscles and ligaments heal quickly, while a hurt/torn discus might not heal ever. The longevity of the pain can determine the cause of injury.

Range of symptoms of pain in the lower back

Lower back pain can include a wide variety of symptoms. It can be a light and less annoying pain, but it can also become strong, disabling pain. Lower back pain can start suddenly, or slowly - it can come and go - but it can also begin to intensify.

Depending on the cause of pain, the symptoms can be felt in different ways. For example:

  • Annoying and light pain, especially in the lower back
  • Pain characterized with a sharp sensation, burning sensation, moving from the lower back towards the back side of the thigs, and sometimes in the lower part of the legs and feet; it can include stiffness and tingling (sciatica)
  • Muscle cramps and tightness in the lower back, hips and pelvis
  • Pain that worsens after sitting and standing for longer periods
  • Hard time standing straight, walking or trying to sit down after active walking

Vacuum packaging

In 1986, MAGNIFLEX made a revolutionary step and world expansion when we patented the revolutionary innovation - packaging the mattresses with vacuum. As pioneers of the most innovative and practical system of packaging of mattresses, MAGNIFLEX was the first manufacturer that could be proud and guarantee of the hygiene and quality of their mattresses during transport, as well as make the transport time faster.

90% smaller volume

During the vacuuming process, the mattress is under pressure of 1 ton, reducing its regular dimensions for around 90%, making transportation easy for the seller and buyer.

Guaranteed hygiene

The mattress is rolled and sealed in special insulated foil in order to keep its original quality, and that is a 100% guarantee of the mattress' hygiene.

Constant characteristics of the mattress

Because of the high material quality used for the MAGNIFLEX packaging, the mattress keeps its original properties even after opened.

Instant shape return

Just a few easy steps and the mattress gets back its original shape and volume.


During transportation of the vacuum packaged mattresses, we need much less vehicles than usual, which results in lower carbon dioxide emissions.

  • Place the vacuum packaged mattress on the base of your bed (you need a latoflex bed base) and remove the lined packaging without using sharp items which could damage the mattress.
  • Unroll the mattress (follow the pictured instructions)
  • After being exposed to air, the mattresses instantly gain back their shape (the process is complete after 3 hours)