Professional mechanism for professional athletes

Why choose it?

  • Loyal to its history, MAGNIFLEX went a step ahead in the innovative technology made for a good night's sleep and a complete peace of mind.
  • Thanks to an entire series of ergonomic tests and research, developed with the help of the Faculty of mechanical engineering in Saragossa, MAGNIFLEX created a mattress which stretches the spine, lumbar part, dorsal part, the neck, as well as the legs during the night. With this, the body and muscles relax and the pain is gone.
  • MAGNISTRETCH is perfect for anyone with a stressful job, office job in front of the computer, as well as people with back pain and athletes.
  • Rest which begins with a pleasant massage, healthy dreams that fill you with energy and waking up with no pain - this is possible only with MAGNISTRETCH.

How it's made?

Height: 25cm
  1. Cover made from viscose Outlast material which acts as a thermal regulator
  2. Padding with patented memory foam
  3. 2cm Eliosoft stretch core
  4. 8.5cm Elioform stretch layer
  5. 8.5 cm Elioform core

Recommended for active people, athletes and anyone that needs a massage after a stressful day

Level of comfort
Dimensions 90 x 200 120 x 200 140 x 200 160 x 200 180 x 200 200 x 200 200 x 220
Price 78.000 104.000 115.700 130.000 146.000 161.000 169.000

* Prices are expressed in Macedonian denars with included VAT.

Magnistretch - the unique technology of this mattress uses the pressure and weight of your body, making the patented zones of support move in opposite direction.

This movement gently stretches the back and spine, increasing the space between the vertebrae, releasing the pressure between the discus and revitalizing them during the night, and the blood flow continues uninterrupted.

Perfect stretching machine

Magnistretch is a perfect mattress model designed to stretch your back, relax your muscles and decrease the pressure on your blood vessels.

You will wake up rested, revitalized and full of energy.

*Healthy dream

This mattress model gives you long-term benefits for your back, decreases the muscle contractions and stops pressure on the vertebrae.

In a short period you will feel decreasing of the back pain, release of tension in the neck and relaxation of the tendons.