Comfort Dual

NASA's patent for thermal regulation, in your own home

Why choose it?

  • Double-sided mattress: soft and firm side, with three different levels of support
  • The cover is filled with the patented Memoform Magnifoam memory foam which adjusts according to the pressure and temperature of the body
  • Additional 5cm layer of the patented Memoform Magnifoam memory foam which gives additional comfort of the spinal column and the entire muscle mass
  • Elioform core which supports the entire body, without generating pressure
  • Cover made from Outlast viscose material, which acts as a perfect thermal insulator and is easily removable and washable

How it's made?

Height: 25cm
  1. Thermal insulating cover made from Outlast viscose material
  2. Memoform magnifoam padding with patented 2cm memory foam
  3. Breathable hypoallergenic padding
  4. 5cm layer made from the patented Memoform magnifoam memory foam
  5. 17cm Elioform core

Recommended for partners with different needs and people that can handle the differences of body temperatures

Level of comfort
Dimensions 90 x 200 120 x 200 140 x 200 160 x 200 180 x 200 200 x 200 200 x 220
Price 53.700 71.600 79.700 89.500 99.900 110.900 116.400

* Prices are expressed in Macedonian denars with included VAT.

Comfort Dual - is made to satisfy different needs for different people.

One of the best mattresses which has anatomic, orthopedic and ergonomic properties.

While the Elioform padding makes sure your back has the best position, the Magnifoam memory foam which is included in the cover, as well as in an additional layer, gives the unique feeling of softness and comfort. The incredible Outlast fabric which regulates the body's temperature during the night, is like the cherry on top for maximum comfort.

By investing in Comfort Dual 10, you invest in a peaceful dream, without waking up and turning around.