Application for choosing the perfect mattress
Answer a few simple questions in order to find the perfect mattress for you Begin the test
Enter your height and weight
The construction and characteristics of your body are the most important factors when choosing your ideal mattress. The index of firmness can be chosen according to your body weight.
50-79 kg 80-109 kg 110 kg / over
100-165 cm 50-79 kg
100-165 cm
80-109 kg
100-165 cm
110 kg / over
100-165 cm
166-185 cm 50-79 kg
166-185 cm
80-109 kg
166-185 cm
110 kg / over
166-185 cm
186 cm / over 50-79 kg
186 cm / over
80-109 kg
186 cm / over
110 kg / over
186 cm / over
What is your age group?
The body changes and develops through the years. Firm mattresses are recommended for growing children, while for young people and adults the latest technologies allow for extra soft mattresses for even better comfort and relaxation during sleeping.
  • 0/12
  • 13/26
  • 27/40
  • 41/60
  • 61/75
  • 76+
What is your favorite sleeping position?

The Magniflex mattresses ideally adjust to your body\'s shape, depending on the position you sleep in.

The ideal mattress gives your spine a right position, no matter the position you sleep in.

  • On the stomach
  • On the back
  • On the side
What kind of mattress do you prefer?
Your body characteristics and sleeping position are not the only factors you should consider when choosing your ideal mattress. The index of firmness is a very important factor.
  • Soft
  • Medium soft/firm
  • Firm
Your body temperature is very important for your sleep. During the night, you are usually feeling...
The right mattress can help you regulate your body temperature and avoid sweating or feeling cold.
  • Hot
  • Pleasant
  • Cold
The ideal mattress can help you remove pain from your body. Do you have problems with...?
The right mattress can improve your health and quality of life.
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Rheumatic arthritis
  • Circulation
  • Joint pain
  • No pain
Do you have allergies?
If you suffer from allergies you shouldn't beware of what you inhale outside, but also your home's conditions. Your ideal mattress will help you stop your allergies, making your asthma, cough, sneezing, skin issues and eye watering disappear.
  • Yes
  • No
Tell us about your character and we will tell you how to sleep!
The technology and materials used for creating your ideal mattress should correlate with your character and beliefs.
  • In love with nature
  • Athlete
  • Technology dependent

One third of our lives is spent sleeping on a mattress. The quality of life in the other two thirds completely depends on the quality of your dreams.

Investing in the ideal mattress is investing in your health, mood and productivity!

MAGNIFLEX wishes you sweet dreams!

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