Our story

We are proud that until now, over 35 million people around the world chose Magniflex for their mattress.

The entire process of production of Magniflex is eco-friendly and in harmony with nature.

Our company is one of the few that takes care for the transportation process of our products, and for every mattress to reach our clients in a perfect condition.

Magniflex is available in more than 80 countries around the world. You can find us from Florence to New York, from Tokyo to Cyprus, Dubai, Manila, Kiev and more…

Our palette has mattresses, pillows, covers and various, unique accessories for healthy and peaceful dreams.

Beginnings and achievements

Magniflex is founded by Sir Giuliano Magni more than 50 years ago in Prato, Italy in 1962.

When we talk about mattresses, Sir Magni has the role of a "father" in many dimensions. He is the father of one of the largest European mattress companies, he created the world patent of packaging mattresses with vacuum and last, but not least - he was a father of a wonderful family that leads this business together.

MAGNIFLEX arrived in Skopje

The essence of Magniflex is to keep the true values of friendship, love and communication with the clients, as well as the family.

For yourself and for your home, choose Magniflex.

Trust the products created with emotions, heart and passion!

Today, the Magniflex company is lead by his three sons. Even though, Magniflex is a large company, with its own production facility on a surface of 33.000 m2 and capacity of 10.000 mattresses per day, in its essence it is still a family business.

The family business is what makes this company\'s relationship towards its clients, products, details, comfort, design and quality, the same as you would with your family.

MAGNIFLEX arrived in Tetovo

Why over 35 millions of people around the world sleep on Magniflex mattresses?

50 years of experience

100% made in Italy

Certified for quality

Present in more than 80 international markets

Wide range of mattresses, pillows and accessories

Continued research and development of sleeping products

Innovative and advanced materials and fabrics


World-renowned and certified quality

The MAGNIFLEX products own the highest world certifications, guaranteeing your health while caring for the environment


LGA certificate guarantees the durability of the materials


standards of production, as well as the production system used by Magniflex is in compliance with the international regulatives for quality control AJA and UKAS


OEKO TEX (highest class) certificate guarantees the use of non-toxic materials or any materials harmful to people and the environment, during the production

BS EN ISO9001:2008

Magniflex follows these standards that guarantee the quality of our products and services

CFR1633, FIRA, TB603

Fire-proof certificate which guarantees that our products are in compliance with the regulative for protection of the consumers' rights


EC declaration, medical aid:
With medical recommendation. Md makes it possible for consumers with disabilities and injuries to acquire removal of taxes for this product* (EU regulative)

University of Florence

The research and studies for ergonomics are made in cooperation with the world renowned University of Bologna, Italy


GOTS (global organic standard of textiles): issued by the institute for ethical and ecological certification, guarantees that all materials and fabrics used in the toscana collection are made from 100% organic materials, for maximum protection of the people and their environment


Highest certificate for quality, exclusively made in Italy. The design, production and materials are completely Italian
100 % Italian product

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For us, our clients matter the most. MAGNIFLEX is constantly working on expansion of our sales network around Macedonia, just so that we can make our products available to everyone interested

Sales point City Address Contact
DOMA MEBEL Skopje ul. Gjorce Petrov 94а tel:02/20 36 900
Е-mail: info@domamebel.com.mk
DOMA MEBEL Skopje ul. Ognjan Prica 1 tel. 02/3 215 766
Е-mail: info@domamebel.com.mk
DOMITALIA Skopje ul. Mito Hadzivasilev Jasmin 50 tel: 02/3 290 017
MONTENEGRO Skopje ul. Ognjan Prica 1 tel: 02/3 214 002
Е-mail: montenegromebel@gmail.com
JUMIS LAKSHRI Skopje bul. Srbija 25 tel: 02 5 118 988,078 24 77 24
Е-mail: info@jumisluxury.mk
ART MEBEL Skopje bul. Bosna i Hercegovina BB tel: 02 511 1585, 076 361 317
Е-mail: info@dispositivo.mk
DAM - KOM Gostivar ul. B. Ginoski 157 tel: 042 213 502, 042 211 615
Е-mail: contact@dam-com.com
BIRGI AZ Strumica ul. Kliment Ohridski BB tel: 034 326 655, 070 214667
E-mail: birgiaz@live.com
LEKTUS GRUP Skopje ul. Ognjan Prica 1/4 lok. 6 tel: 02 614 5300
E-mail: contact@lectusgroup.com